• Eva

Audiovisual-interactive installation by filmmaker Marcela Said with the collaboration of the architect Cristián Valdés. A creation that invites is to meditate about gender violence and its speeches.

The case of Nabila Rifo, the cruelty of the attack in which her eyes were ripped out and the way she was treated by media removed filmmaker Marcela Said. After that, for months, the director of El mocito and Los perros investigated cases of femicides in Latinamerica. This is how Eva was born, an installation crossing documentary and fiction with architecture and experimental video, to reflect on gender violence and its speeches.

Said chose emblematic cases and wrote first person narratives using the voice of the victims and their assailants. For this she used their own words and clues she found in social media and the press. The horror in first person she built with them appears in Cristián Valdés installation, a space that evokes two rooms of a house, a crime scene without bodies where the videos are shown.

Together with Eva, two pieces by artists Liú Marino and María Gracia Donoso are also shown.