A playful contemporary dance piece that explores the search for happiness. A play by the Escénica en Movimiento company from Concepción, created under the direction of Danish choreographer Thomas Bentin.

“What are you laughing at? How long until it ends? What happens if I don’t understand anything?” those are the questions an offstage voice asks itself during the play Y escaparon del peso de la oscuridad, the Escénica en Movimiento company from Concepción.

This contemporary dance piece, directed by Thomas Bentin, explores the human impulse of searching for happiness and sense for life in the middle of a hostile system. This is a playful piece that proposes diverse and agile transits through different moments, diverse rhythms, movements and sounds so diverse that they come from Japan, Iceland, Cuba and the USA. As the play progresses different ways to inhabit and find each other are presented in the bodies of the four interpreters.

The company from the Escénica en Movimiento cultural center returns to GAM, wihere in 2017 they present the piece Cuerpo Fronterizo.