• Pedrito y el lobo, esta es nuestra historia
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Sergei Prokofiev’s classic comes alive in this puppet and masks version, that translates the original piece into the language of contemporary and family dance. Direction and choreography by Carolina Bravo.

Prokofiev premiered Peter and the Wolf in 1936 and he didn’t do very good. Back then he was unable to captivate the Moscow audience with his musical tale for children. That version included narration and an orchestration where every character had its own instrument and theme. But it didn’t take long for this work of genius to be properly appreciated. Only 10 years after Walt Disney would produce an animated version. 

Carolina Bravo decided to translate this composition into the language of contemporary dance. This is how Pedrito y el lobo, esta es nuestra historia was born, taking from Prokofief’s original piece and altering its structure. The staging includes theatrical elements such as different voices in the narration, masks and the handling of several objects by the 14 interpreters.