Rush, productivity, demands. A contemporary dance piece about bodies subjected to the accelerated and demanding rhythm of today’s life. Based on the writings of philosopher Byung Chul-Han and directed by Teresa Prieto.

The body is strained at the gym, at work it becomes mechanical and repetitive, in fashion it’s turned into an object, its dehumanized. These experiences are taken to the stage by Hiperkinesis, a contemporary dance creation directed by Teresa Prieto.

This piece was born from the contemplation of everyday struggles and the reading of Byung Chul-Han, who reflects on our burnout society and how we exploit ourselves. “The piece asks how to keep up with this rhythm without losing ourselves and be disconnected from the rest of the people,” says the director.

Performance, mindfulness, tai chi, and hip hop animation techniques were part of the creation process and they permeate the movements on scene. Hiperkinesis was developed by Prieto in dialogue with designer Cristian Reyes, creating an experience where the audience uses headphones to tap into a realm of sound only partially perceived by dancers Sebastián Brown, Rodrigo Chaverini, Macarena Campbell and Luis Corvalán. Music by Miguel Miranda and sound device by Mirko Petrovich.