Traditional cante and contemporary flamenco are combined on this piece directed by Natalia García Huidobro, with the scene direction of Rodrigo Bazaes.

Traditional cante and its stories of encounters and goodbyes inspire this piece by contemporary flamenco company La Típica, coproduced with Espacio Checoeslovaquia. The piece’s music score is unified by choral work, and on stage the cantaores join in the choreography, two of them even dance. All of this happens on a circular floor with bronze pieces that deliver a sound quite different from that of the traditional wooden floor.

“Research for this project was mainly based in determining how the concepts of migration and uprooting affect the body and manifest through it. An ‘unstable equilibrium’ is developed: the insecurity of leaving a safe zone –because of necessity, duty or just out of curiosity or the desire for discovery– breaks and modifies the corporeality,” explains the director, Natalia García Huidobro.