Contemporary dance piece about the vastness of nature and the ways it affects and connects us. Collaboration between three figures of the scenic arts: Rodrigo Pérez, Andrés Poirot and Claudia Vicuña.

The feeling of the immensity of a landscape and inner silence that can be reached through its contemplation are the inspiration for Blanco, a contemporary dance piece that investigates the introspection that moves us and modifies us. 

Director Rodrigo Pérez, designer Andrés Poirot and choreographer-dancer Claudia Vicuña worked together in the conception, composition and aesthetics of Blanco. Their invitation is to observe the piece as if it was a landscape.

“Work collaboratively and giving value to calm and simplicity was a political decision. We understand it as an act of resistance. But, why do we want to make this resistance? Who resists? Nature? The human Being? And what are we resisting?”, Vicuña asks herself, explaining the questions arising from the play she also directs.

This contemporary piece proposes monochrome aesthetics, music by Carlos Cabezas and a use of lightening to integrate the spectator. It is interpreted by Vicuña and Daniela Marini.